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January 5, 2013
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KAS Sobekroc by TyrantisTerror KAS Sobekroc by TyrantisTerror
Name: Sobekroc
Faction(s): None
Alignment: True Neutral
Kaiju Rank: 5

Height: 80 meters
Length: 230 meters
Weight: 60,000 tons

Primitive Lizard Brain: Sobekroc’s reptilian brain is resistant against psychic attacks, keeping uninvited guests out of his mind.
Juggernaut: Sobekroc is strong and durable even by kaiju standards, with armor capable of enduring immense punishment and the muscle to tear most other creatures a part in a matter of minutes.

Primitive Lizard Brain: While not exactly dumb, Sobekroc isn't particularly smart either. He has a hard time communicating with other creatures, even when they use telepathy. As such it is hard for Sobekroc to form strategies with ally monsters, and not hard for enemies to trick him.
Clumsy Tank: Sobekroc is a bulky, heavily armored, thickly muscled hulk of a creature. While moderately swift and agile in the water, he borders on being downright immobile on land, walking at a slow, plodding crawl and having all the grace of a semi truck.

Personality: Sobekroc is a gumpy, cantankerous creature. He is lazy first and foremost, being content to spend most of the day sunbathing or aimlessly drifting through water. He doesn’t even relish in hunting, preferring to kill his prey quickly so he can get back to relaxing as soon as possible. When irritated, however, he is a vicious and brutal opponent that will settle for nothing less than the total destruction of whatever irritated him in the first place. It doesn’t help that he has a very, very short temper.

Epochs: Present Day Epoch 1 and 2

History: Sobekroc may well be the oldest kaiju in the Mongolian Oasis, if only because he ate most of his contemporaries. He is the only member of his species to have ever grown so large, dwarfing most other members by two whole kaiju ranks. Sobekroc is a notorious legend in the hollow, with the more intelligent inhabitants steering clear of him whenever he shows up.
Like many large kaiju, Sobekroc is often content with sleeping for decades or centuries with little activity, and is often forgotten by the other residents. It was during one of his inactive periods that Tyrantis and Tyranta entered the Oasis – and brought an end to the crocodile’s rest.
Tyrantis had been searching the shifting sands and rivers of the Oasis for hours. Something about the air kept him from following her scent for long – at times she seemed close, others distant, and often he could not smell her altogether. It was very upsetting!
Finally he found her drinking water out of the shallows. With his wounds not quite healed and a slight limp still present in the stride of his batter legs, Tyrantis meekly sidled up to the female tyrannosaur and grunted tenderly to get her attention.
Tyranta glared at him and snorted in irritation. The green male was persistent – she had to give him that – but lord was he thick.
Tyrantis crouched down at the stream a few yards away from her and began to drink next to her. Tyranta snorted again and returned to her drinking. She didn’t drive him off, which Tyrantis thought was a definite sign of improvement. He was tolerable!
When she was finished, Tyranta left Tyrantis without so much as a glance. The male tyrannosaur took one step to follow, only for her to whip her head back and snarl at him. Tolerable though he may be, she did not want his company. Tyrantis got the message quick enough and let her go.
He sat there, wounded, for a few more hours.
Eventually he left the stream and, broken hearted, tried to make his way back to the surface. Fate then decided to saddle him with another misfortune, as he ran into none other than Ahuul, the same pterosaur kaiju he had brawled with only hours ago. The vicious reptile had no desire to fight Tyrantis again – the fight had been way too closely matched for his liking – but the tyrannosaur did not know this and, turning his grief into rage, preemptively attacked the flying monster with a fireball. Ahuul shrieked and collapsed onto the ground, giving Tyrantis enough time to close the gap and deal a nasty kick to the pterosaur’s ribs. Soon enough they were engaged in a battle to the death, one Tyrantis refused to let Ahuul escape.
Their fight was savage, and only grew worse when a third party joined the fray. The pack of colosaraptors Tyrantis had offended earlier had tracked him down, and were now bolstered by two ally packs that had joined for the hunt. Now over a hundred in number, the dromeosaurs leapt upon both Tyrantis and Ahuul, swarming the larger kaiju even while risking death by frost or flame.
This whirling, chaotic battle was made even worse when, with extreme misfortune, it fell upon one of the rare dunes in the Oasis that had remained undisturbed for a few decades – a dune whose sandy shores hid the sleeping body of a prehistoric giant. As sediment flew and blood was spilt by the awful scuffle, Sobekroc’s eyes opened for the first time in dozens of years. With a frustrated groan the massive reptile dug up through his self-made tomb just in time to be hit by a stray fire blast.
Most of the colosaraptors stopped when they saw the crocodile’s mug, and more than a few scattered the minute the fireball struck his yellow snout. The rest followed suit when the giant crocodilian released an angry howl, leaving Tyrantis and Ahuul alone to what was assuredly doom.
Knowing he was in a tight spot, Ahuul pushed Tyrantis towards Sobekroc and flew as far away as his wings could take him. The massive crocodile roared at the pterosaur, assuring him that the fight was not over, then turned his attention to Tyrantis. Tyrantis roared back and charged the crocodile.
It was a one sided fight. Sobekroc’s armor resisted Tyrantis’s fangs and flame, while Tyrantis’s own durable scales proved to be less protective. The tyrannosaur was faster and more agile, but Sobekroc made up for it in persistence and raw strength. Worse, Tyrantis’s energy was waning – he had already taken part in two horrendous fights today, and now he was fighting a relentless powerhouse that had dozens of years of rest to build up an appetite for violence.
A trumpeting roar sounded in the distance, one that was all too familiar to Tyrantis by now. A red form darted across the distant sands, running to the dueling reptiles at astonishing speed. Tyrantis smiled as he saw the other therapod leap onto Sobekroc’s back and tear into the crocodile – Tyranta had come to his aid! The lady tyrant managed to tear off a chunk of the crocodile’s flesh – she got little more than scale and skin, but it was an impressive blow nonetheless. Sobekroc howled in agony and turned his attention to her, only for Tyrantis to snap at his side. The two tyrannosaurs quickly fell into a standard hunting pattern, with each distracting the crocodile’s attention just long enough for the other to get an attack in. Sobekroc was too slow to hit one before he was struck by the other, and too dumb to keep from lashing out at the latest distraction. It gave Tyrantis some breathing room, but the battle wasn’t won yet.
Their salvation came with another roar, albeit one delivered at closer range. Boomer had found the fray and, without being noticed by any of the three, snuck up behind Sobekroc to deliver a thundering sonic blast at close range. The mighty reptile’s mind reeled at the noise, allowing the three tyrannosaurs an opening. Without further prompting, all three launched them selves at the crocodile and smashed into him from three different sides with their thick, bony skulls. Even Sobekroc’s impressive armor couldn’t resist that blow, his ribs cracking as he tumbled to the ground. The three wouldn’t let up, kicking, biting, burning, and screaming at the fallen reptile until they felt reasonably assured that he was unconscious.
Tyrantis looked at Tyranta, wondering why the female had come to his aid after treating him so coldly before. Tyranta returned his gaze, looking irritated at first. Then, with visible reluctance, she lightly nuzzled Tyrantis’s snout. Though she clearly thought Tyrantis was foolish, it was also clear Tyranta had some affection for him. Tyrantis smiled and cooed at her, and, despite her apprehensions, Tyranta cooed back. She had finally decided to accept his company.
Boomer watch the couple with some dismay. It seemed the female had made her choice. There was no point in disputing the matter and, as the pair moved off to greener pastures, he made his own way out into the depths of the Oasis in hopes of finding a different mate.
The consequences of Tyrantis and Tyranta’s visit were greater than either realized. Metringar, terrified beyond belief by the battle she had been drawn into earlier, had decided to leave via an underground channel, making her way into another Hollow that would soon become rather famous. A few colosaraptors followed the two therapods as they left and discovered the outside world. They in turn were followed by Ahuul who, upon seeing the bright sun again for the first time in years, shrieked in joy at the opportunity to ravage the world anew. And Sobekroc, who survived the beating he had received, would eventually decide to explore the hollow a bit more now that he was awake, and sure enough would stumble on a way out – and, filled with curiosity, would find the outside world.
In short, a pattern was beginning to form: whenever Tyrantis and Tyranta entered the same Earth Hollow, trouble would be stirred up.
Important Dates: January 5th 2034: Tyrantis and Tyranta discover the Mongolian Oasis, an Earth Hollow that is strangely similar to the one they used to live in. They meet a fellow tyrannosaurid kaiju, Boomer, and battle with the pterosaur monster Ahuul and the crocodile monster Sobekroc. Their actions also inspire the lake monster Metringar to leave the Hollow and lead to the colony of colosaraptors that inhabit the hollow to explore the outside world.

~ ~ ~

I never intended to bring Sobek back from the land of abandoned kaiju concepts, but my collaborator for this KAS project insisted. I tried to make his design more distinct this time around, and ended up going with a punk rock sort of vibe. He's got a mohawk of spikes and a choker made of neck armor. It gives him some visual flair I think. Hell, now I'm even considering bringing him into SAOM.

Not at the same size, though. Got enough big kaiju there.

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